Lane Cove residents can now take social tango lessons in Lane Cove

Are you struggling to keep the romance alive in your relationship? The answer to your problems might well be tango.

Or at least that’s what Argentinian tango teacher Carlos Costes told the North Shore Times.

“Unfortunately for our generation … all over the world many people (are) divorced,” he said.

“Could you imagine though … one time a week you embrace somebody and dance, for three minutes. And you move, only move, close your eyes and move with the rhythm … It’s very sexy.

“I recommend (it) for everyone, for the stressful, dance tango.”

From next month, Mr Costes and his partner Amanda Michels will teach tango lessons every Wednesday night from the Lane Cove Country Club.

The pair will guide those from beginners, right up to experienced dancers, and also plan to host monthly events for all tango lovers and enthusiast to enjoy.

For Mr Costes, who has danced tango from a young age, he said it’s usually the beauty of “embrace” that enchants those who take part.

“The tango enters your body through your ear, passes through your heart and out the feet and sincerely, it’s amazing when you embrace a woman and dance (to) the rhythm of the tango for 3 minutes,” he said.

Mr Costes said about 2000 people a day danced tango in Argentina and said Australia trailed only the United States and Germany in the size of its home-grown, tango-dancing community.

The classes in Lane Cove come following similar success in neighbouring Mosman where the pair have been running classes for about a year.

Ms Michels said the type of social tango the pair taught didn’t have any specific moves but was more about feeling the music and improvising.

She said it was ideal for anyone who wanted to have a bit of fun.

For more information call Amanda Michels on 0423 350 014.